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Death Note Finale- Matsuda Cut (Anime vs Drama) - Watch Death Note Finale- Matsuda Cut (Anime vs Drama) online in high quality Dragon Ball – Bảy Viên Ngọc Rồng chap 511 | Rellik (6) | Play Movie

Death Note Finale- Matsuda Cut (Anime vs Drama)


Death Note Finale- Matsuda Cut (Anime vs Drama)

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Before watching, and in order to understand the video:

- Turn on subtitles
- For a more powerful retrospective, the scenes from the Anime and their equivalent in the Drama were shown one after the other without transition announcements
- Some tiny bits of sequence from the Anime were not included in the video because they had no equivalent in the Drama. I invite you to rewatch the epic Anime finale to get an accurate understanding of the character of Matsuda
- Read the short commentary below


I made this video as a tribute to the character of Matsuda from the Death Note franchise.

Matsuda embodies kindness, loyalty and true morality. Sadly, he rarely gets the credit he deserves from the Death Note Fandom, which tends to be polarized between Light and L as the main bearers of Justice.

Along with Light, Matsuda is the central character of the original (Manga) Death Note finale. Unlike the movies, the Anime and the Drama both do, in very different ways, a great job at putting Matsuda at the forefront of the story. I thought it would be interesting to compare the two perspectives, and to see how the character is conveyed in both versions. This video is intended to be a...

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