[SNS] ? Countdown MEP


[SNS] ? Countdown MEP

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Video Added: March 3, 2017, 8:13 am | Video Duration: 00:03:51 | Total View: 157850

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Hello Guys, welcome to our newest SNS MEP which was made by our new SNS Members. It turned out so beautiful. Each part slayed even tho it was VERY hard to edit because this Song is very upbeat and its super demanding. I think editing a Beyoncé Song is always super hard but im so proud of the new members that they managed to edit those Parts. I wanna thank Jean who replaced Chris Countdown Part..baka you saved the MEP. Thank you so much ?

This is what Countdown actually means:

My baby is a 10 - He is 10 out of 10.
We dressing to the 9 - They are dressing nice.
He pick me up, we 8 - They went out to eat.
Make me feel so lucky 7 - Lucky number 7.
He kiss me in his 6 - A kind of car.
We be making love in 5 - Sex in five minutes.
Still the one I do this 4 - 4= for
I'm trying to make us 3 - Make a baby.
From that 2 -Her and her husband.
He still the 1 -He is the only...

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