Top 15 Best Anime Movies Ever


Top 15 Best Anime Movies Ever

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People always ask me why i don't put movies in my list of choice, the main reason was because i was keeping them for this video. There's an incredible amount of anime movies out there and cutting them down to 15 is no small feat. Especially when there's so many great Miyazaki titles to chose from. So i decided to strike them out from the get go. Also no side series movies. If the movie has a full series linked to it, i didn't make it elligible. I need some limit to shrink down my choices.

Anyway i'm pretty pleased with the resulting list except for the fact i wish i could have added "Kakurenbo" but i had to cut something out and he had to go unfortunately. I'll swing it in some other time no worries.

You guys take care and you know... Beware of pianos 0_o... Especially in these times they seem especially deadly in summer time.

The thumbnail is from Garden of Words.

I KNOW SOME OF YOU GUYS ARE BLIND AS A BAT. But the titles of each anime is placed in the top left corner when the clip plays.

Dont forget to allow me a few seconds to enable the annotations once the video is online. You guys carry strong and i will see you next week with the Next Top 10! You got some good stuff to watch...

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